Glass parapets for offices arranged over several levels

Glass parapets: in coordination with Vetroin’s furniture for your offices.

When we make a plan for an office that is arranged over several levels, we also include the creation of beautiful glass parapets, in coordination with the walls and the furniture. As you've probably realised, the main element of our furniture is glass. We start from this material and create a unique environment that is original, elegant and rather refined. If the venue in question is arranged over several levels, then we also design beautiful and safe glass parapets, which are the same as the furniture's doors and separating walls.
What are the advantages of designing and creating furniture like the one offered by Vetroin? First of all, the image: a company of a certain prestige should have equally prestigious offices. Secondly, natural luminosity: glass allows playing with sunlight and colours. Thirdly, Vetroin's guaranteed personalisation, with all the incredible works carried out on the glass sheets. Even the glass parapets could be personalised and, of course, custom created.
Don't wait any longer; visit our Internet website and browse through the images of our most recent creations. Among these you'll also find examples of offices arranged over several levels with beautiful glass parapets. Contact us!

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