Glass parapets for higher levels and mezzanines.

A glass parapet for higher levels and mezzanines, to protect against falls without disturbing the aesthetics of the furnishings.

Glass furnishings for offices by Vetroin doesn't only deal with doors and panels but with all the elements that complete an environment, even glass parapets! To give a magical touch or to create something original and extremely modern you need innovative ideas and the courage to try them out...why not take a look at some of our recent works and judge for yourselves?
Glass parapets are necessary in situations of two or more floors, to protect from possible falls. It doesn't become a heavy structure that limits vision and light diffusion, glass creates no's unique, as is the final result.
If your office has a reduced  surface, a glass parapet will give a sensation of increased space. If on the other hand you have a large surface area to play with, you can let your imagination run wild with lighting and colours. All the elements can be personalized with laser incision, printing, fabric inserts...all that you can think of to make your office perfect.
Architects, if you want to have great results and beat the competition, turn to Vetroin and create a special project alongside our technicians, including dividing panels, sliding doors, interactive glass, personalization and of course glass parapets for those higher levels and mezzanines! Contact us to find out more.

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