Glass parapets by Vetroin

So as not to alter the harmony and balance, here’s a glass parapet to insert in one of our projects

Vetroin is a large and modern company that deals with special office furnishings...we're talking about glass furnishings! If you turn to this company for a design project, it means you want something new, original, very technological and above all of great success. Today, with the great competition that exists between businesses, helping yourselves with your company image is very useful.
If your company is on more floors, within our project we can insert a beautiful decorated glass parapet, that coordinates all the other elements (divider panels, doors, equipped panels etc.). Obviously the looks must not compromise the safety: our glass parapets respect all the regulations and have passed many tests before becoming part of our furnishing line.
So, choosing glass furnishings, maybe with decorations, interactive glass, cubes for archives hanging on the walls, you can decide to install a glass parapet too, so as you don't disturb the balance and harmony of the environment. What more could you want?
If you're thinking about it and would like to see what a Vetroin design project looks like once completed, look through the images on our website and you'll be surprised. We're here to help you.
Architects....take a step ahead...propose glass furnishings by Vetroin. Trust us!

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