Glass parapet: between safety and aesthetics vetroIN

Glass parapet, an integral part of an office furniture project in which glass is the predominant material.

Choosing to create a glass office furniture, making this material the undisputed king of the entire project, means not only including walls and doors, but also tables, canopies, stairs and parapets. The VetroIN company deals with designing glass furniture for more than 10 years, boasting 10 collections of different walls in the catalog, proposing not only the main structures but also the accessories, including the glass parapet.

What is the function of the parapet? This element is mainly for safety, for protection, serves to prevent the fall of people or objects from any place that present different altitudes, such as a balcony, a terrace, a mezzanine. Generally it must be at least 1 meter high from the floor and, for safety, it should not have protrusions on the inside, which could give the support for climbing over. With these characteristics in mind, it is the designer who designs the glass parapet based on the whole furniture, style and environmental needs.

Safety and aesthetics, this inseparable pair returns to VetroIN, furniture manufacturer of the highest quality, 100% Made in Italy, safe and certified, beautiful and eye-catching, avant-garde. For any information or to learn more, please contact us.

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