Glass laser: How is it possible?

Glass laser: Thanks to the distance between the molecules, a laser beam can change the crystal and allows the light to stay inside. This is how the glass laser Vetroin presents

When it comes to furniture and technology, we can name but one company - Vetroin. For many years it has been studying, designing and producing glass office furniture, creating ever new and innovative solutions. Today we present the new glass laser that has revolutionized our work!
What we actually mean whensaying glass laser? This primary element is compared to a highly viscous liquid that absorbs and diffuses the light that passes through it. This is possible thanks to distance among the molecules (which are away each from othe) and to the structure of the crystals. Vetroin studied new techniques to imprison the light in glass, through the laser engraving.
Here a glass laser is born etched into its thickness in this range that allows the light stay in this place where the shape of the crystal is changed. Then, putting LED light on the sides of the glass laser it is possible to have a truly breathtaking result: it seems that the image is self-illuminated.
As you can see, Vetroin is a truly skilled and specialized company in this field. If you need an exclusive custom glass furniture for your office you have to contact us. On the website you can see images of our products and you will also can find a list of all the latest products under the sign of technology: interactive walls, printed glasses, custom decorated doors etc. Contact us for a free calculation with no obligation!

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