Glass incision with laser

Laser glass by Vetroin: personalize and decorate the glass panels with any designs desired. Technology is our strength.

When the experience and competence of a company blend well with new technologies, the result is breathtaking. We are talking about Laser glass by Vetroin, a company that deals with made to measure glass furnishings, perfect for offices of large companies.
Personalization is a must; each project is studied in the smallest details to suit the requirements and requests of the client. Today we want to talk about a very particular decoration: glass incision with laser, one of the aces of Vetroin. There is no need for stencils or particular tools (which is the case for sanding),  in this case  the glass is scratched by the laser thanks to a machine created especially. So, in reality, only the surface becomes opaque and many designs and motifs can be created, even complicated and elaborate ones.
If you're thinking of furnishing an office with these large glass panels, including designs, a logo, slogans....the effect will certainly be extraordinary. On our website you can find other images of the laser glass effect and also photographs of our machinery in action. Contact us for any further information and for an estimate with no obligations. If you're looking for something unique, furnishings that only your company has, you're in the right place.

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