Glass furniture: following his language

Very special glass furniture signed Vetroin, projects more unique than rare...

The glass furniture of Vetroin is designed and realized to follow the "language of the glass", enhancing all the features and even going beyond the limits of the matter itself. Our company produces 100% Made in Italy glass furniture for offices, hotels, shops and showrooms, for all those who need a more unique than rare project, original and surprising, highly technological.
As always we would like to specify that every job and every commission is designed and manufactured to perfection, customized and fully personalized. Based on the needs of the property, to the style of the company and the functions of the different environments, we will advise which of the many mobile walls of our collections are best suited, which processing and what kind of technological systems could be part of it. There will never be an equal glass furniture as yours, we are talking about individual pieces, about special atmospheres because they are created customized.
On the website of Vetroin you can find all the technical characteristics of the walls that make up our glass furniture, starting from the most simple and linear (Truelight collection) up to the most complex and complicated (for example Hide), passing by those equipped with containers and archives (Storage Wall). Ending with INWALL, the glass wall for excellence, presented for the 10 year anniversary of the company.
For any information, please contact us.

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