Glass furniture: certification ISO 9001, LEED, ISO 14001

Glass furniture for offices of a certain prestige, certification ISO 9001, LEED and ISO 14001

Vetroin is a company that deals with design and production of glass furniture since 2006, conquering a prestigious place in the market not only in Italy but also in Europe. It is aimed primarily to companies and offices of a certain caliber, that need a strong and innovative image.
Everything stems from the large glass experience of our staff, able to provide today's glass elements even more transparent of the standard to which our eyes are used. To this adds the laser processing thanks to the park of last generation machines in the laboratory, the glass stratification with fabrics, wood and LCD films, right up to the automatic systems for sliding doors or the glass connected to the interactive video projector and PC. The glass furniture of Vetroin is unique and exclusive, completely customized and personalized.
The company, thanks to the quality of the products offered to her customers, has achieved ISO 9001 certification and LEED. For the care and environmental protection, from the procurement of raw materials to the realization of glass furniture, Vetroin also respects the environmental management procedures established by ISO 14001.
Contact us for any information, to speak with one of our employees and to better understand how is made a glass furniture signed by Vetroin. Without obligation, we will be happy to listen to all your requests.

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