Glass furniture: 2016’s trends

From United States, they inform us that 2016 will be the year of glass furniture for offices!

Which are the new 2016 trends, for what concerns offices' furniture? It's time to think about and plan the company's image for the next year; one can never stay still, the world travels too fast! According to experts in the United States of America, glass furniture will be the protagonist of the upcoming year.
Vetroin, a company leading in the sector, offers you some excellent and extremely original projects for the glass furniture of your office, which are complete of super technological and innovative elements that won't leave room for critique. Glass partitions, sliding doors, equipped walls as archives, laser processing, touchscreen panels and LCD pellicles to opacify... In simple words, a lot of surprises.
Vetroin's glass furniture gives value to and exalts natural light, allowing it to penetrate the interior of the whole property, without it meeting any hurdle. Particular decorations and artificial lights will complete the image as a portrait or an art piece.
For further information, to receive estimates and to speak with a consultant about the glass furniture of your company, do contact us!

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