Glass furniture for good job climate

You can be absolutely sure of perfect quality of projects realized by Vetroin. Our glass furniture will contribute to more effective communication and good relations between employees. Besides, thanks to the new glass design there will be far more natural light in the room.

The relations between employees and between colleagues have always been the basis for stable working relations. Optimal job climate allows us to achieve high results, and this is extremely important.
If your office represents a large open space do not hesitate to contact Vetroin. The company will provide you with perfect glass furniture project.
You can ask: why should I choose glass furniture? The reasons were mentioned above: the relations among your employees and colleagues will become more direct, just one look will be effective communication means with presence of elegant Vetroin partitions.
We would also like to underline that glass design doesn't mean lack of confidentiality. In fact some glass furniture structures are designed and manufactured with option of transformation from transparent to opaque. The operation is simple and fulfilled with one click allowing passage of electric current in the wall.
Our staff will advise you on different aspects of your new design among which are the range of glass furniture elements, location of walls, doors, stairs and railings.
Everything will be more mobile in your offices, the working atmosphere will become more comfortable and, what is extremely important, you will ensure free circulation of natural light in the space.
With Vetroin you can be sure of the perfect final result, a glass furniture project will put into life your desires and match expectations.

Technological machinery for glass engraving
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