Glass furniture for companies that want to value the brand

Glass Furniture VetroIN, for offices and companies that also focus on the image!

VetroIN is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of glass furniture for important offices and companies, which also focus on the image to strengthen its brand on the market. You can contact us if you need exclusive projects, more unique than rare, true works of art that will compose your working and meeting spaces. Sometimes the words are not enough to describe our works, just because of this on the website we have given a lot of space to the images of our most recent achievements, we invite you to browse through the pictures to really understand what we are presenting.
Returning to glass furniture of VetroIN, the greatest peculiarity of our products is that the entire production is done in our laboratories, without any third party passage. We can therefore guarantee the highest quality of both the materials and the processes, in order to produce really excellent furniture 100% made in Italy. Secondly, year after year we have created increasingly complex elements and details, until we get to the last INWALL collection that completely exceeds the limits of matter (the glass itself).
Please contact us, ask for an appointment, a small quote or make requests directly to our technicians to find out more. We are at your disposal.

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