Glass furnishings: personalization guaranteed.

The production within the company allows us to personalize all the projects for glass furnishings that we propose, unique and original jobs.

When designing  a project for glass furnishings for an office, the maximum personalization is a must. Each environment has determined necesseties that depend on space, natural light, the context and much more...all the characteristics must be studied in order to proceed with the furnishing design, firstly on paper.
That's how Vetroin furnishings come to life, from studies and projects of designers and architects, all experts in the sector. The personalization of all the glass furnishings projects is possible thanks to the production within the company: we deal with all the phases of production (cutting, joining, sanding, decoration with fabric, wood or laser, etc.) up to the mounting and installation of all the accessories.
There will never be a glass furnishings project the same as yours, our projects are unique and original, never copies of other situations. You will express your preferences (colours, privacy, technology, decorations etc.) and we'll think about the rest, trust us!
You can look through some photos of our latest productions by visiting our website, to get an idea of the final product and guaranteed personalization. If you have any requests or for more information about glass furnishings by Vetroin, contact us!

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