Glass furnishing: the products of our company

From 2006 personalized glass furnishings for offices, avant-garde and technological, keeping up with the times!

Vetroin is a big company founded in 2006 that designs and produces glass furnishings for offices. That's right, glass, using this special material that makes everything lighter, brighter and harmonious. For the offices of a large company, an important bank, an insurance group, our glass office furnishings is an avant-garde move.
Glass furnishings by Vetroin is composed of dividing panels, sliding doors or traditional doors, equipped panels, parapets and  wall coverings. The techniques used for decorating are numerous, from screen printing to laser incision, up to inserts of fabric, wood panels and other materials between two sheets of glass. Technology is also one of our strong points, expressed perfectly by interactive glass and glass with LCD film.
Maximum personalization guaranteed, each request and need will be studied and added to the design. The final effect will be amazing.
To keep up with the times you need to find original solutions that can impress clients, transmitting an important image of style and quality. Aesthetics are fundamental and with Vetroin you're in good hands!
Contact us for any further information and to ask for estimate. Visit our website and look at the images of recent productions, an impressive portfolio that will convince you.

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