Glass furnishing designs: eco friendly and hi-tech

Glass furnishing designs: aesthetically pleasing, practical for workers, enhancing natural sunlight.

What are the fashions and trends for the New Year in the professional furniture industry? Is a new design for office furniture what you need? We thoroughly analyze all the studies conducted in our field and provide guidelines that all interior designers will be able to follow.
The keywords for your designer glass furniture must be: BEAUTY and FUNCTIONALITY. We have said many times that the work environment should be aesthetically pleasing, welcoming and harmonious, but also practical for employees. You have to have everything you need to get the job done.
As for style, in 2016, we will offer a nice contrast between ECO FRIENDLY and HI-TECH. Therefore, in the same environment, we could find natural materials, with particular attention paid to the natural lighting and state-of-the-art technological facilities.

Here's the Vetroin designer glass furniture, corresponding perfectly with the trends for the New Year. As a milestone, we propose natural glass, an extremely elegant, refined, material, allowing the sunlight to penetrate inside the office environment, offering great comfort and well-being. To this we add technological elements such as sliding doors, customized processing with lasers and LED lighting, or even interactive windows that have the characteristics of a PC. Nothing's missing!
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