Glass doors with LED: a work of impact

Glass doors with LED, double technology being applied to these structures: LASER and LED lights.

One of the decorations and customisations that Vetroin offers you within its offices' furniture plans, are the glass doors with LED.
What is it all about? The LED is a very modern lighting technology that allows to play with lights and colours in a very versatile and original way. Vetroin has also thought of processing the glass sheets of both doors and partition walls with the laser cut, which allows to perform actual designs onto them, cared-for in every minimum detail. By arranging the LEDs around the glass, the effect gets truly exceptional: light and colour flow through the material, ending up where the very laser-crafted design is.
These glass doors with LED are very modern and technological: they enrich the furniture offered by Vetroin by customising it to 100%. You'll be able to reproduce the company's logo, a phrase representing you work philosophy or even your own design. We guarantee how the final impact to the eye is truly interesting and evocative.
Visit our website's 'laser glass' page and its photographs of the various recent creations, in order to get an idea as to how these glass doors with LED (which Vetroin is offering and describing for you here) could be like. Contact us for any information.

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