Glass doors with a touch of your imagination

Unprecedented glass doors 

If you are considering a new look for your office, start with items that you never thought possible. And by this we mean glass doors.
Traditional or sliding, they are perfect for giving light, transparency, brilliance and incredible elegance to your rooms. Meeting rooms, offices, waiting rooms, simple corridors. The company will look new thanks to these glass doors.
Who knows how many times you have seen them, maybe in beautiful modern offices, in the American style, located in imposing skyscrapers. Now you can also have your own doors, even with something more.
Vetroin is a Brescian company, the leader in the office furniture planning which includes production of glass doors of any type, even personalized. They are very beautiful and unusual. You will be able to insert materials that you choose for creating a unique and highly original effect between the two glass sheets (that make up the doors). These glass doors utilize a vacuum system with a film for lamination which creates a 3D effect.
What can it be? Photographs, dry leaves, barbed wire, rice paper, marble, wood veneer, fabrics, trimmings and so on.
You will come to create unique, highly secure and extremely beautiful doors, as safe and strong as any others at the same time.
Visit the website of Vetroin to see images of beautiful customized glass doors and choose those that you like more.

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