Glass and technology for the production of office furniture

Vetroin is a big company specializing in the production of office furnishing that uses glass as the main element. That's right, glass, transparent and clear, guarantees elegance at a glance. The technology and the progress make great strides ... choose Vetroin for its high quality production of office furniture to go with the times.
Visit our website where you can look at some pictures of our creations and images of all our products to have a better idea of how your settings will look like. You can combine glass walls with sliding doors, wall mounted containers and glass parapets ... you can find everything!

Contact us to receive all the information you need and create a project that meets your needs. Our production of office furniture will not disappoint you!
If you wish to be  cutting-edge and overcome the competitors choose the technology Vetroin and discover the most technological elements of the market like our VetroInTeractive: from simple glass transparent wall to a touch screen.
As you can see we never stop to surprise you, we are a cut above our competitors in the production of office furniture... If you also want to be cutting-edge just contact Vetroin!

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