Furniture made of glass for information technology

Doors, dividing panels, highly technological parapets, this is furniture made of glass by Vetroin.

Finally, you've found a suitable space to start your new information technology business.  
A shop that offers services and equipment connected to the world of computers, for this reason you need a furnishing project that is in line with your business.
What do you think about furnishings in glass? For years, Vetroin has been dealing with  the design and production of office furniture made of glass.
Is the space that you're planning to furnish an open-space? The idea is to divide this space into sections, each section dedicated to a different task, create a small office for meeting clients, an area dedicated to repairs and front desk.
Vetroin, in the design project for glass furnishings, is able to divide these spaces with glass panels, transparent, satinized or decorated with various techniques, and given the kind of business, it's possible to insert technological elements: video, touch screen and more.
Our glass furnishings include sliding doors, parapets (in the case of stairs or mezzanines), and any other type of dividing panel.
To give an even stronger idea of the connection between glass furnishings and your technological line of work you can use the LCD glass system that makes the glass panels opaque at the click of a button, or lazer incision for logos, writing or images that you wish to  appear on the glass panels.

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