Furniture for your company on demand

Vetroin will be happy to follow the planning phase of your furniture on demand, as well as its realization. Do not hesitate to contact us and your ideas for your unique furniture on demand will quickly take shape.

People often think about the company's image, through billboards, promotional campaigns, but rarely connect office furniture and public spaces to this concept.Vetroin proposes a project of furniture on demand, unique for you, as it is only the work of your company.
You can't underestimate the idea of ​​having a unique style: how many times we see aesthetic particular details, and then, later , when you need something, that particular thing comes to mind and resolves the situation.
Furniture on demand becomes something that will characterize your work and will remain in the mind of your customers, an image that will be remembered for a long time.
Our staff has a lot of years of experience and is able to translate your idea into a real and viable project of furniture on demand, which includes structural elements, such as glass walls, and details, fixtures and railings.
Vetroin also proposes you technological elements for your furniture on demand, touch screen, video inserted into walls or doors, illuminated signs and walls that can quickly pass from opaque to transparent and to ensure confidentiality.
Our company will take care of the design as well as the implementation, guaranteeing continuity of work, and in short time you can install the new furniture on demand, and will add something unique to your image.

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