Furniture for offices: the protagonist is the glass

Furniture for offices aesthetically beautiful, technological, functional and customized: in one word Vetroin.

Design a furniture for offices is never an easy thing, especially when you have to deal with large companies that have a certain image to be enhanced. Aesthetics, functionality, visual impact, safety, order, lighting, customization ... these are the essential ingredients for a good project. Vetroin is the right company to trust the design of furniture for the last generation offices, which has all the features mentioned above, and also something more.
Vetroin deals with furniture for offices for many years and is a leader in the Italian and European market for its prestigious achievements. The primary element, the unmistakable signature of this company, is glass. That's right, we design and manufacture furniture for offices in glass.
Exploiting this transparent material, elegant and easy to work, we furnish offices and representative offices of large companies, customizing the environment to 100%. The large variety of proposed work is likely to please every architect and all aesthetic requirements. We add to this technology by offering sliding systems for doors, LED lighting, matting LCD films and even interactive glasses connected to the PC. These are just some of the ideas that we launch, then every single job will be studied and worked out and tailored ad hoc.
If you are curious and want to get more information about our furniture for offices, please contact us.

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