Furnished walls for office: Solid Wall and Wall Storage

Furnished walls for office: we present Solid Wall and Storage Wall, in glass, aluminum and wood

Vetroin is a leader in Italy in the production of furnished walls for office, fully tailored and customized according to customer requirements. We are specialized in the production of furniture of glass of the latest generation and technology for prestigious companies, which need a certain image. Today we speak of furnished walls for office with storage space that you can use. Among the 10 Vetroin walls we present SOLID WALL and STORAGE WALL.

SOLID WALL traditional furnished wall proposed in the blind version wooden, double-glazed or single-glazed. The wall has a thickness of 100 mm, the doors are available in hinged (with blind door and glazed, with linear hinge profile or framed) or sliding externally (with single or double door).

STORAGE WALL furnished walls for the office with modular containers and supporting structure made of vertical panels of wood conglomerate. The doors, blind or framed glass, have hinges that allow it to open at 95 °.

These furnished walls for office of glass, aluminum and wood, are truly elegant, have a unique design and provide great visual impact. The project is carried out fully customized, ensuring every personalization. Ask our technicians for some details and images of recent work.

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