From open space to office space with partitions

If you have an open space and want to get different spaces the office partitions of Vetroin will meet your needs. Our office partitions may provide the insertion of the aesthetic or technological elements.

The problem of availability of space for new businesses or those who want to move their headquarters, especially if you are in the big cities.
It often happens that there are stable but not great suitable spaces because of the absence of walls, or on the contrary for too much fragmentation. In the first case, Vetroin the gives you the solution, a company that professionally deals with the design and production of glass furniture for companies, and among other things, office partitions.
With our office partition you will easily get a large open space of different environments, this doesn't have to influence the fluidity and your opinion in general.
Vetroin produces various types of clear or frosted glass walls, depending on the confidentiality necessary for work; often the partitions are used to divide the space and to priovide sound isolation, to have the possibility to work in peace, sometimes it is also necessary for a visual isolation.
The office partitions of Vetroin can be simple or special, may provide the insertion of aesthetic elements (drawings and screen printed fabrics) or technological elements (TV screens, touch screens) or be accompanied by pieces of furniture such as bookcases or shelves.
With open space, with our professionalism and office partitions, you are sure to get a modern, elegant and functional office.

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