First class decorated glass doors

With Vetroin you have different types of decorated glass doors, with inserts, with incisions.

What is meant by interior design? What are the latest trends regarding the furnishing of offices and companies? How can you choose your furnishings?
Here are some questions that the staff at Vetroin are ready to answer when you come to visit us and discuss the furnishing of your offices. Are they new spaces? Or do you have to redesign old premises? No problem, we'll sort it out.
The most important things are your wishes, so your taste and your style will have priority. With us you can decide to design walls and doors made of decorated glass, following the idea you have in mind.
Our production allows us to have different types of decorated glass doors: from a sheet of transparent glass that can be a starting point, adding a satin effect ,an opaque effect, or inserts of prestigious fabrics between two sheets of glass. You can also consider decorating with colour, with engraving, to make your furnishing more artistic and particular.
Our decorated glass doors can also be personalized with lazer-incision, which allows you to write some words or reproduce your logo, which rightly illuminated come to life and reflect your images around the office space.
Decorated glass doors? The answer is "Yes, of course, at Vetroin".

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