Fabulous glass with LED

The evolution of technology seems to be in any sector, so as to create new solutions in all areas. A furniture industry is not exclusion as well. The glass with LED represents a significant innovation that has various applications. Light is one of the most important elements for furniture and if it’s possible to create some special effects with it, it becomes even more popular. The glass with LED represents the meeting point between an elegant and versatile material such as glass and magic created by light. Vetroin is a company from Castel Mella in the province of Brescia, which has been specializing for years in production of office furniture with glass as an essential element. In the search for new solutions and technologies, the company produces the famous glass with LED ideal for creation of special effects in every environment. In fact, replacing traditional lights, it’s ideal to create unique and very special effects. Vetroin produces one-side and double-side LED inserted into glass to create very specific effects to be placed in offices and professional studios. Partition of spaces with this glass with LED is a novelty thanks to creation of unique and innovative solutions. If you thinking about giving a touch of elegance to your new office, choose glass with LED by Vetroin. Contact us for any information and calculations.


Tel: +39 030 2151263 info@vetroin.it

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