Earthquake-proof glass walls: safety is a priority

Earthquake-proof glass walls: the elements able to amortize the beddings of the building during the earthquake.

In recent news reports are emerging even stronger the problem of earthquake safety for all buildings, from private homes up to commercial activities, shops, offices, hospitals, schools and more. Unfortunately the earthquake is not a predictable event and it is necessary to study any form of prevention already in the construction of the structures themselves, in such a way that they can endure the shock of the earthquake.
Vetroin, a leader in the production of office furniture, has invested valuable time and resources in the search for safe solutions to this problem. Today we can say that two elements of the earthquake-proof glass walls INWALL are patent pending, we are talking about the compensator and the structural seals.
We start from the leveler, an accessory designed to ensure structural strength and micrometric adjustment during installation. The leveler becomes then part of the compensator, the innovative element of these earthquake-proof glass walls, element allowing further adjustments and amortizes both the structural adjustments of the building as well as the stresses under seismic events.
The Vetroin projects are truly cutting edge, not only for the technology used, the aesthetic expressions and extensive customization, but also for safety. Contact us for more information about these earthquake-proof glass walls.

Inwall is earthquake-proof
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