Earthquake-proof glass walls: aesthetic but also very solid

Earthquake-proof glass walls to withstand the oscillations of the earth during an earthquake.

Vetroin firmly believes that beauty is not only the aesthetics but also the result of technical performance. What does this mean? Our company creates movable glass walls and furniture not only beautiful to look at but also safe, technological, robust. Among our collections in fact we can offer earthquake-proof glass walls which can withstand the oscillations of the earth typical by earthquakes, an issue more important than ever nowadays.
In Italy the technical standards for construction are all contained in the Ministerial Decree of 14 January 2008. It is right here appearing all security verification criteria for the various construction technologies, so not only glass but also masonry, reinforced concrete, wooden , steel and so on. This Decree has the advantage of unifying the assessment and safety criteria, making the seismic verification obligatory for all.

Vetroin, especially in the brand new earthquake-proof glass walls INWALL,  recently established to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the company's business and of great achievements, has used new elements under patent to ensure their safety and the estate. So not only aesthetic, but also very solid.
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Inwall is earthquake-proof
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