Dividing panels in glass…not only transparency

Dividing panels in glass? What about privacy? Elegance and technology will make your offices perfect. Find out how.

Dividing panels are used to divide spaces in an office and create separate rooms. We are used to seeing them in brick but it's not the only material...Vetroin designs and produces furnishings with dividing panels in glass! That's right, glass is the main element that divides the spaces creating great effects with light, shadows and space!
Above all for medium sized or small offices, walls reduce the space...dividing panels in glass on the other hand widen the bounderies, being transparent they allow the whole environment to be seen, creating ease and comfort. Obviously, being transparent, you may need some privacy at some point, or to modify the light...this is where technology comes in handy. With LCD panels we can make the panels opaque when and how we wish, with athe simple click of a switch. It's also possible to carry out a laser decoration that makes the inside of the office barely visible or even, a wooden panel can be inserted between two sheets of glass.
That's not all, Vetroin has also thought of the functional side of an office, with cupboards and containers for documents and papers...so we have equipped panels, or rather glass diving panels with cupboards for all your documents, without sacrificing the beauty of glass.
Visit our website, you'll find interesting images of our latest productions. It's the only way to really see what our work looks like and the effect of these dividing panels in glass. Contact us!

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