Dividing panels in “Truelight” glass

Dividing panels in glass with decorations in wood and fabric, for a truly avant-garde furnishing

Truelight" is a family of glass dividing panels perfect for the furnishing of important offices or large companies. They are the result of years of research and studies carried out by Vetroin, in order to produce a unique product, original and safe.
The company proposes 3 models of glass dividing panels: TL60 mono sheet, TL41 and TL42 mono sheet and double sheet. The panels have a thickness of 50 and 35 mm, the aluminum borders at the top and bottom allow a perfect levelling and sealing of the glass and plastic materials. Between these glass dividing panels it is also possible to insert panels of wood or fabrics. It is also possible to coordinate sliding or folding glass doors with these panels, single or double doors, in glass or wood, for the maximum personalization possible.
If you're looking for innovative and technological solutions, these glass furnishing proposals by Vetroin  are really avant-garde. Full use of space, visual enlargement of space, natural light, transparency and modern style...this is what installing glass dividing panels in your offices means!
If you want to imagine a possible finished product, visit our website at the page "realizzazioni" (productions) and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Contact us for any further information and to ask for an estimate with no obligations.

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