Different types of glass furniture

Glass furniture conveys, together with the image, a company’s type of enterprise

Here are some of the glass furniture typologies among which you might be able to find the one that's right for you. Do you want to renovate the furniture of offices, shops and companies? Would you rather subvert the whole structure by bringing up your own style? Vetroin's glass furniture is what you've been looking for.
ESSENTIAL: the elements that we provide with our furniture can be assembled according to the taste and needs of the client. By choosing the basic elements, with no fuss or decorations, one obtains a simple and clean style, which will draw attention to the enterprise that the company deals with. The finishing touches are extremely important for this sort of furniture, and Vetroin will be able to best advise you on the matter.
TECHNOLOGICAL: thanks to the screens inserted in the walls, the possibility of     making projections and the one of opacifying the walls at command, the glass furniture's style can become absolutely hi-tech; something that is perfect for companies operating in this sector. Style and functionality are the watchwords here.
ARTISTIC: the glass, which dominates our furniture, could also be decorated. For your showroom or for the furniture of an artist or of a designer's studio, conveying the enterprise even through furniture becomes quite important.
Vetroin suggests different types of glass furniture according to your desires.

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