Decorated glass doors: playing with transparency

Decorated glass doors with laser incisions, fabrics, wood…magic for your office furnishings!

Vetroin is just the company to turn to if you want a modern, technological, unique and innovative office. Vetroin will prepare a project for glass furnishings with special elements, for a breathtaking result...especially for you.
Today we're focusing on decorated glass doors. With glass there are many possibilities for playing with ideas, incisions and decorations of any kind, with various techniques. Vetroin proposes decorated glass doors of any kind and with any pattern or motif, from horizontal  opaque stripes that create a little privacy within the room to a detailed motif that reproduces the company logo...from the inserting of a fine wooden panel between two sheets of glass to decorations with fabrics, leaves and much more. Laser incision can be a technique to produce decorated glass doors, and with LED illumination the result will be beautiful. Visit our website, on the page "vetroinnovazioni" you'll find some of our latest productions.
What do you think? Could these decorated glass doors be part of your personalized furnishings? Vetroin is at our service for any kind of project, contact our technical office to verify the possibility of creating your idea!
Who do we cater for? Bank offices, insurance companies, important companies of a certain level, research institutes...any company that wants to stand out and create a unique environment.

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