Decorated glass doors: designs worthy of attention!

Decorated glass doors within glass furniture… an astonishing optical effect.

Who, among you, wouldn't want a completely personalised office? Not only in terms of furniture, decorations and colours... but also for what concern doors, partitions and parapets? You're definitely in the right place; Vetroin is a great company that designs office furniture using glass as the prime material.
Thanks to Vetroin, you'll be able to also personalise doors and partition walls and create a unique environment that is original and, surely, of great elegance and luxury. The decorated glass doors are one of the characteristic elements of our designs. In our lab, we perform so many peculiar works, such as our laser cutting and serigraphy, which allows us to imprint anything on the material: from drawings to logos, to phrases and slogans.
So that's how decorated doors come into existence; whether it being an advertising logo or an artistic motive, they create a fine and refined environment. A design that certainly is of great worth. Contact us for further information and you won't be disappointed.
Referring to all the architects and experts who deal with the furnishing of a great company, Vetroin is exactly what you need. To see some images of our recent creations and of decorated glass doors, visit out website.

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