Decorated glass doors: character and personality to to your furnishing

Don’t under-estimate furnishings when it comes to communicating strong company image, try with the new decorated glass doors

The company image is transmitted by its furnishings too, don't under-estimate the personalization and character when designing a new furnishing project, it could make the difference. Ask for a made to measure project for your offices, to give character and personality to your furnishings which can't be a bad thing!
Vetroin is the company for you if you are looking for something special, different to the usual, original and absolutely new. One of the elements that the company offers for personalizing and communicating your image is decorated glass doors. As you may well know, this company specializes in design projects for furnishings using glass, with many other services that make this glass unique. The decorated doors can have laser incisions, inserts of wood or fabric panels, LCD applications that make the glass opaque  or transparent when required. If you want something more eclectic, then we have complete surface decoration too.
To get some idea of the services proposed by Vetroin and these decorated glass doors, visit our website and select the category dedicated to the most recent productions, you can see the many creations by Vetroin and their amazing effect.
Don't wait too long, conatact us for an estimate for your decoarted glass doors.

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