Decorated glass doors - why not in the office?

Choose the elegance of decorated glass doors for the office. Vetroin produces decorated glass doors for you

The idea of improving appearance of our environments is always very successful especially when it comes to the environments where we spend most of the time. Also the office is essential both for us and for the customers who will see your office like an aesthetic business card.
If you are planning to renew your workplace start with decorated glass doors.
For many years the doors have been considered the elements of transition from one environment to another, but, on the contrary, they have become real design  and furniture objects.
If you are looking for doors for your office, please contact Vetroin. We are talking about the Brescian company that has made glass its corporate philosophy and which produces decorated glass doors which can really surprise you.
You will be able to choose not only a traditional or a sliding version, which, among other things, will allow you save a lot of valuable space, but you can also choose the decoration that you like.
Decorated glass doors of this company consist of two glass sheets inside which you can place the decoration of your choice.
Dry leaves, rice paper, textiles, photographs, barbed wire, whatever you want.
The effect is not only of a renovated and elegant, but also a completely new product and personalized service.
Visit the company website to see some examples of decorated glass doors. Prepare yourself for renovation of your setting with Vetroin.

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