Decorated glass doors 

For every room, choose the decorated glass doors. An elegant and unique forniture where the decorated glass doors represent the innovative element

If you think of renewing the furniture in your office to allocate space in a more useful way, or even give a touch of style and modernity, you need to know that there are really lots of available solutions  and decorated glass doors are among the most modern ones.
When it comes to complete renovation with  a touch of fresh air and style to rooms, risk may be necessary sometimes, choosing particular solutions which can completely revolutionize the old ones. For realization of all this glass will be a very beautiful and versatile material that can really make all your settings new. Decorated glass doors are an ideal solution to amaze with new furniture. You can also personalize them as you like based on office furniture and colors. Are you wondering where to ask for their realization? Refer to Vetroin of course, a Brescian company that has always used glass for creation of unique and innovative products like decorated glass doors. Always sensitive to the advancement of technology applied to furnishing, Vetroin has created cutting edge products with glass as the key element. In this case the principle is superposition of two glass sheets inside which you can insert any type of material that can create beautiful decorated glass doors. Cloth, rice paper, silk, dried leaves, marble, thin wire, a collage of photographs. In short, the list is really endless and the result is guaranteed. The possibility of customizing guarantees something unique and extremely adaptive to furnishing. Visit the company site for a better idea of decorated glass doors and contact us for information and calculations.

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