Decorated and personalized doors

Decorated doors for glass furniture... Elegance, originality and quality. Contact Vetroin to find out how you can include many decorated doors in your projects!

Do you know that with Vetroin you can design and produce decorated doors for glass office furniture? Originality, elegance and great value ... These are the buzzwords that dominate in the projects of this company! Discover with us the variety of available decorated doors that you can have.
- SILKSCREENED DECORATED DOORS: Through a special ceramic paint it's possible to create permanent designs on the glass sheet;
- DECORATED DOORS WITH FABRICS: Between two sheets plate it's possible to insert fabric that completely customize the realizations;
- DECORATED DOORS WITH OTHER MATERIALS: always using the system of insertion between glass sheets, you can introduce dry leaves, photographs, rice paper, marble etc.

What do you think about it? If you can not to imagine this masterpiece, please visit our website and see images of our recent achievements, to get an idea of the quality and beauty of the elements.
The glass office furniture is really the cutting edge, very few people possess it; it's a symbol of originality and also of a great value. Choose these masterpieces to share the space of the rooms where you work, especially if the office has to be the home of an important company.
Please, contact us for further information or to receive a free calculation without any obligation, our references are 030.2151263 or

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