Customized partitions for offices

Vetroin is a leading company in treatment of glass and aluminum. The treated materials are used for producing of customized partitions for offices. Design your partitions for offices with the help of our staff. This will allow you to furnish the new open space in short time.

Your company has acquired a new location for the office that is going to be open to many visitors. It would be nice to design workplaces close to each other, but this may be useful only for environments where we do not plan to hold private meetings or receive many clients at the same time.
If it is no so, why not design some partitions for offices with the help of a leading company in the field? Over the years Vetroin has been studying different types of treatment of glass and aluminum to create partitions for offices of the latest generation.
The production of glass walls, that divides environment into workplaces in a light and elegant way, is one of the main activities of Vetroin; the glass sheets used for your office partitions can be simple and transparent, or may be decorated with fabric or other materials.
If you prefer more artistic design, serigraphy is a particular technique of incision that is used very often to obtain, like in this case, fine decorations, letterings or images.
Personalized glass partitions are represented by some particular solutions such as LED illumination, LCD glass technology, system for creating effect of opacity of the glass sheet through electricity.
Design your own personalized partitions for offices with Vetroin staff, and you will create your unique style and image in the market.

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