Customized glass furnishings of the last generation

Vetroin designs and produces items of the latest technologies for your glass furniture on demand. To have a unique and recognizable style, rely on us to have your glass furniture on demand.

Everybody remembers the first impression that we had, entering the head office of a company which we ask for a service: if you hit us, we tend to give more confidence. Today, the appearance is very important for everyone, and even if they say that "clothes do not make the man", the first impression is determined by the visual impact.
Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to build and furnish the public spaces of the companies in the way they need to be a comfortable place to work, then consistent with the activity, that's why elegant or dynamic according to the type.
Vetroin is a company that takes care of the design and creation of interior glass furniture on demand that could change the face of your company.
When we say customized glass furniture, we mean all those elements that give shape to your office: multipurpose walls with computer systems included.
The staff of Vetroin will monitor you design, making you know all the novelties in the industry, you will come together to define the design, the realization will then be carried out by our technicians and in short time you'll have customized glass furniture as unique as your company.
The products that Vetroin produces are: glass walls simple (transparent or with special films), equipped with bookshelves and cabinets, interactive and touch screen walls with incorporated TV monitor to allow your glass furniture to be truly of the last generation.

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