Customizable glass doors of Vetroin

Customizable glass doors: many solutions and customized decorations proposed to you architects.

Vetroin is a great company that is mainly engaged in designing indoor furniture walls and furnishings for offices and major companies, using mainly glass, wood and aluminum. It is on the market for 10 years and has earned a place of great value in the sector, expanding their horizons working even abroad, with major partnerships in Europe, East and South America.
Vetroin is the only company in the sector in Italy to own a huge internal laboratory, where all materials are processed and customized: cutting, drilling, layering, decorations of the sheets of glass; cutting, milling and assemblage of aluminum profiles; cutting, personalization and stratification of the wood. Thanks to the machinery of the company, we can offer truly breathtaking processing, perfect to create original environments, surprising and fully customized.
An example are the customizable glass doors, an integral part of the Vetroin furnishing projects. It is possible to choose between technological sliding systems, so automatic, or the classic swing doors, with one or two shutters, with recessed profiles or external, with one or two sheets. Besides all that, the glass doors can be customized with designs made by laser engraving, with LCD films which allow the opacification with a single click, with built-in LED in the perimeter profile to illuminate suggestively.
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