Custom made glass furniture: Autumn changes

Custom made glass furniture VetroIN, the pictures of our designs will surprise you pleasantly.

Autumn is approaching with great speed, time of budgets and programming. Who of you is thinking about a nice restyling of the office? How many of you need to modernize a congress hall? Well ... you are in the right place. Architects and designers, ask for advice and help to VetroIN, for a custom made glass furniture definitely outside the box.
By browsing our website you can quickly understand the type of work proposed by vetroIN: original, unique, rigorously customizable and innovative. We use glass to its full potential, sometimes we even going beyond. The custom made glass furniture VetroIN is studied, designed, worked out and entirely made in our laboratory, in order to guarantee the highest possible quality in each stage in the process of production.
100% made in Italy, custom processing, technology, unique designs ... what to ask for more? Simply look at the pictures of our recent achievements to be impressed and pleasantly intrigued by our projects. The only thing to do is contact us, expose us all your needs and we will do the rest, including a quote without obligation!
For any information regarding custom made glass furniture VetroIN, please call or write to us.

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