Custom-made glass furniture signed by VetroIN

Designing a custom-made glass furniture entirely within the company, VetroIN does it.

We take this opportunity to make you all the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! The staff of VetroIN wishes a lot of serenity, lots of satisfaction and peace. Again, Merry Christmas! Returning to us, our company blog never stops, even in this festive period we continue to work, to invent, to create for you. It is not for nothing that we have become one of the leading companies in Italy and Europe in terms of custom-made glass furniture! The successes come after investing time and resources to create something new, something truly amazing and we can say we have done it.
After INWALL, our latest creation that has revolutionized the world of custom-made glass furniture for offices and businesses, we have also exceeded the very limits of the main material for our projects. We like to remind you that we do all the work within our laboratory, not only for the glass plates of any size, but also for aluminum profiles and the wood paneling. Choosing Vetroin means opting for a custom-made glass furniture 100% Made in Italy, of the highest quality, technological and cutting-edge. Investing in the image today is very important, do it the right way.

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