Custom made glass furnishings: elegance, sophistication and technology

Custom made glass furnishings: for every need there is a solution named VetroIN.

VetroIN is a large company specialized in the design and manufacture of 100% Made in Italy custom made glass furnishings of unsurpassed quality. If you have a great company and you like to renew offices or conference rooms where many customers and suppliers are passing through, you are in the right place, rely on the leaders in the industry. We work not only in Italy but throughout whole Europe, with great collaborations that extend in South America.
Returning to our custom made glass furnishings, our designs guarantee elegance and refinement but also safety and functionality. We have 10 collections of furniture walls, one even more beautiful than the other, rich in options and different functions, to be included in the project according to the customer's needs and the environment: to limit the noise - sound-insulating walls with specific panels; to limit transparency to achieve privacy - LCD glass with liquid crystals that become opaque with a simple click; Interactivity for corporate presentations and conferences - vetroINteractive, the partition wall that can be transformed into computer. We could then open the world of customizations for your custom made glass furnishings: LCD, laser engraving, silkscreen printing, fabric insertion between glass plates, sandblasting and more.
Architects, to astonish your customers, you necessarily have to contact vetroIN, only in this way you can create original, unique and perfect custom made glass furnishings.

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