Custom glass furniture: rely on an expert team

Custom glass furniture for the office of your prestigious company, ask for a Vetroin’s plan.

The offices of important and prestigious multinational firms need furniture that can live up to their names and that are particularly watchful of the very firms' image. One needs to rely on a company that specialises in the sector, so as to be sure not to err, in order to surprise the client and to reinforce the brand even further. Call on Vetroin's staff, a company leading in the planning and realising of custom glass furniture for offices and firms.
Vetroin's peculiarity is precisely the one of making use of glass as its main element, to then exploiting its principal characteristics: the transparency's elegance, the versatility, the availability to be processed and personalised. Custom glass furniture is the right choice for those who want to astonish, outdo competition and always be a step ahead.
Vetroin is able to personalise the custom glass furniture with very special works (laser, serigraphy, insertion of textile and other materials, etc.) and with the application of technology (sliding systems for the doors, LED lightening, LCD pellicles). You won't find a result like the one that Vetroin is offering you anywhere else.
Contact us to know more, to get a commitment-free estimate and to evaluate the many offers. Browse through the gallery of our website to see some custom glass furniture plans created by us.

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