Custom glass furniture: browse through Vetroin’s images

Imagine custom glass furniture for your office by browsing through the photographs of our creations.

If you intend to transform your office into something unique and original, you must choose ultra-modern custom glass furniture of a great visual impact. Who to turn to? It's very simple; to a company leading and specialising in the sector across all over Europe: Vetroin.
We design and realise custom glass furniture for any type of office or shop, whilst offering the maximum personalisation possible to create unique and peculiar environments. Choosing this kind of furniture means differentiating oneself from competitors, having an impact on the clients and investing in one's image, which always pays off. And if your company wants to invest in technology and progress, with our custom glass furniture we also offer interactive glass working as a computer, sliding doors and personalisation with LEDs and LCD pellicles.
Our best publicity are the photographs of our most recent Vetroin creations, which will find on our Internet website. Browse through the images gallery and only this way you'll be able to imagine the final result of custom glass furniture, personalised and signed by Vetroin.
Contact us for an estimate without any commitments and to request any information to our technicians and designers.

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