Custom glass furniture: a new way of thinking with INWALL

Custom glass furniture: the INWALL revolution and the great success achieved

VetroIN is a very large company that has been designing, producing and installing custom glass furniture for commercial activities and important offices for over 10 years. The laboratory and the production headquarters are located in Castelmella in the province of Brescia but we work all over Italy, Europe and for some years we also have collaborations outside the EU, up to South America.
For the tenth year of activity we wanted to create a truly extraordinary collection of glass walls, the tenth of our catalog, exceeding any expectations and going beyond the traditional requests of our already very demanding clients. We are talking about INWALL custom glass furniture, external thread structural glass walls, without adhesives, without visible containment profiles, perfect interlocking connections, extraordinary in combination with wood with a single surface material exchange, considered safe even from the anti-seismic point of view.
INWALL by VetroIN is a real revolution in the custom glass furniture sector, welcomed on the market with great enthusiasm With this collection we're definitely landed in a new world, a new way to create and think in custom glass furniture for offices. If you are interested, do not hesitate, please contact us.

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