Custom glass doors with textile

Vetroin’s custom glass doors; several techniques and several materials for beautiful optical effects.

Did you know it was possible to create custom glass doors? Vetroin is the right company to rely on for the planning of a unique and custom offices' furniture, with partitions walls and completely customizable glass doors.
The techniques used to perform the works are so many. Today we're talking about the insertion of textile. The custom glass doors can be decorated with textiles of your choice, simple or shaped and designed, which are then inserted between the two sheets of load-bearing glass. This way you'll have a rather peculiar and surely original effect!
On the "glass innovations" page of our website, you'll find all of our company's works, among which, the custom glass doors. Whether it being textile, serigraphy, laser cutting, LED or LCD, the result will surely astonish you.
Contact us for any information, to know our production's works better, and to request commitment-free estimates.
For great companies, important insurance firm's headquarters, banks or multinational companies venues, the aesthetic aspect is very important. Rely on Vetroin in order to always appear the best! The company's image will gain from it without any hint of a doubt.

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