Custom furniture for the art’s house

With Vetroin’s custom glass furniture, you art’s space will be unique, airy and contemporary.

Imagine a museum, an art's house and a place where to expose paintings and sculptures; but also a place of creation, with offices for promotion and with practice rooms for who's active in the performing arts. Now, thinking of such a marvellous place, one can't deny how only Vetroin could be a potential candidate for the custom glass furniture design of such a venue.
Vetroin is a leading company in the custom glass furniture sector. A place of this kind is the perfect example, as it would associate the functionality, lightness and easiness of custom glass furniture with its aesthetic importance. A place of art, indeed, must also be thought of with an artistic criterion.
Our designers will be able to best advise the new managers of the arts house by composing a custom glass furniture that is complete of all of our elements: panel-walls, sliding doors, aluminium frames and encased technological elements such as projection screens (since, by now, technology and art always go hand in hand).
The result will be a unique custom glass furniture that will characterise your practice space, give it air, beauty and contemporaneity. Every city and town should have a place like this one furbished by Vetroin, so do not hesitate and give this project a start!

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