Confidentiality and lightness: satin glass doors byVetroin

Vetroin is a leading company in the production of glass furniture: among different products there are satin glass doors. Our satin glass doors combine the need of confidentiality (opaque surface) with the requirements of image, for light furniture with unique style.

Glass, in its nature, is the material which at first glance is elegant and refined, especially if used for the furnishing of offices and public spaces.
The biggest issue is transparency, which in some cases may limit or cancel the confidentiality necessary for some business meetings, for example, when the topics are extremely fragile.
Vetroin is a company of Castel Mella, near Brescia, a leading manufacturer of glass furniture of the latest generation, which has decided to resolve the situation using the technique of silking, producing satin walls and glass doors of excellent quality.
Our satin glass doors, made opaque on the surface, are produced with the technique of silking, which historically is obtained by treatment with hydrofluoric acid, to get an item that is well divided between transparency and opacity, and it becomes very light from architectural point of view and image.
Vetroin producesatin satin glass doors, as well as walls that can be integrated with technological elements, such as TV monitors and touch screen, without, however, vary the thickness.
Finally, to meet the artistic needs of some companies, our satin glass doors can also be worked with designs, proposed by our staff as a result of your instructions or directly using your project, to make the furniture unique and of particular style.

Glass door
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