Choose office partitions

Choose office partitions for your company. A new way to divide the interior space with fabulous office partitions

The furniture of  a workplace is the main aspect that pertains not only to an aesthetic component, but also convenience and comfort, characteristics  that should not be missing at work. In these spaces which require cohesion of more people, it is necessary to create autonomous and well distinct spaces, maybe using office partitions. These are perfect elements to create a space within another space without losing precious centimeters, ensuring a perfect internal division. There is a vast choice of partitions of different types and materials, but if you choose the glass ones you can be sure to get great benefits from so versatile material. Where to find them? Who can produce these office partitions for you? Vetroin, of course, the company of Castel Mella in the province of Brescia, that has been producing furniture for companies for years. Here you will find the fabulous Truelight system, the aluminum technology that is applied to glass walls to create beautiful and very harmonious items. The real novelty of these glass office partitions is in the fact that the load-bearing function is entrusted to the glass sheets and not to the uprights. On the edge, we find an extruded aluminum structure to which a silicone seal is applied thus allowing for noise reduction. You can create meeting rooms, offices, waiting areas, thanks to the technology of this company. In addition you can also apply the same walls of glass doors traditional or sliding doors to save space.
The result thanks to these office partitions are very elegant and extremely practical spaces. Your workplace will be extremely beautiful and will give you the idea of ​​style and uniqueness. The effects that the glass can create are unique and presence of this material in the office will completely satisfy you. So, visit the website of Vetroin and you will find images and information about office partitions and all other products.

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