Characteristics of the LCD glass by Vetroin.

Cutting edge furniture for offices of the technological sector: here are the characteristics of the LCD glass: power, voltage, time and duration of the LCD glass produced by Vetroin.

You need to furnish a new office? Or you want to renew your old furniture? Here is Vetroin for you, the largest manufacturer of office furniture of innovative technology. What is our peculiarity? Using of glass as a primary element and its treatment according to the latest technologies.
From this wonderful mix there is born our LCD glass: it is formed by a classic glass wall and a classic film of LCD technology. This wall will be able to conduct electricity, through the traditional on / off switch, and produce these effects of see-not see. How does this work in the LCD glass? Everything is based on the optical properties of liquid crystals which, through the electrical contacts, generate special magnetic fields and the result is what we see: with the electric field OFF, the wall will be completely transparent and the light can pass through it, with the electric field ON - the liquid   and the light is polarized.
The LCD glass is really a step forward for all types of furniture offered on the market. If you choose our product, a great success will be always guaranteed.
The LCD glass produced by Vetroin has a 5-years’ life service, the operating voltage is 60V, the frequency range is 50-60 Hz. In 200 milliseconds the LCD glass changes from transparent to opaque, the consumption of 10W per meter square.
Can you imagine your office with these technologies?Transparency, clarity, purity ... but at the same time increasing size of your space ...
Please contact us for any information about our LCD glass, ask for your free calculation without any commitment.

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