Beautiful decorated doors for the office

Introduce decorated doors into your office. A very elegant and special setting thanks to decorated doors

Sometimes the renovation of our workplaces becomes essential. Especially when we mean to change the look of furniture or some detail it is important to make everything in the best way. Have you ever thought of putting some beautiful decorated doors? These are essential input systems that allow easy movement from room to room. But if we focus on the image, we have to find something original and different to make these products less trivial. In this case decorated doors are perfect for their elegance, style, and special characteristics. Vetroin is a leader in the production of office furniture always providing innovative and curious solutions. Each company's product is made from glass, a precious, elegant, and easy to handle material which can be inserted in any place. Decorated doors are also made of glass but they have something more. Thanks to the company's search made now it is possible to insert different types of materials between two glass sheets of which the doors are made. This technique is performed thanks to the vacuum and an ethyl vinyl acetate film without any plasticizers.
What you can insert to get the most beautiful decorated doors? Absolutely anything: silk fabrics, leaves, pictures, spreadsheets, marble, rice paper, and many other things. The benefits include an option of different layers, a high resistance to twisting, an excellent optical capabilities and durability. Renew your office with decorated doors by Vetroin.

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